• A powerful monitoring and energy management system (web-based)

  • History and Events can be downloaded and viewed by Managers, Hotel or Building Owners

  • Energy usage and cost information can be downloaded or viewed from the Internet (username and password required)

  • Easy-to-Use. If you know how to surf the Internet, you can be up and running within a few minutes once the system is installed and activated.
  • Use with your existing system. Keep what you have now and take the entire system to the next level.
  • In Hotel application, the system can notify via SMS / Email on unreported room occupancy

  • System provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, peace of mind coverage
  • Each zone is clearly identified, either by different color on the chart or your unique floor plan.
  • Use technology to help you. Convert Energy Waste to Energy Savings.

System can be managed over the Internet via home or office PC, laptop, wireless device or smart phone that has Internet connection. To ensure that you have access to the important information all the time, we have redundant websites that you can connect to (username and password are required).

What are the benefits of having a Remote Monitored System?

Reduce unnecessary trips. Increase work flexibility and productivity
Save Time and Money
Faster Response Time - real time diagnostics and problem solving. Problem is clearly identified with Red / Black dots
24 hours a day, 7 days a week - even when you are not in the facility (anytime, anywhere)
A complete Data Capture Package - Documentation and Regulatory Compliance (data automatically stored and backed up - save time on manual labor).
Reduce Errors. Auditors and Regulators love documentation
Data stored in CSV format. Can be easily imported to MS Excel - available online
Support Multi User - all authorized users can login concurrently
Instant Remote Access - without looking, you can only guess! When a Maintenance Technician shows up, you can be confident that he has the right component! Saves trip charges and a lot of unnecessary frustrations!
With SMS / Email notifications, Maintenance Dept and Service Provider can be notified immediately



  • How much can I save? Answer: It depends on your existing system requirement and what the "saving target" is

  • Is the system wired or wireless? Answer: Both. System will operate on low voltage, normally 24 V

  • What kind of guarantee? Answer: We strive for at least 10% in savings

  • Can your system control lighting also? Answer: Yes.

  • Is your system easy to use? Answer: Yes. Since it is web-based, it is like using the Internet

  • Do I need to change my existing system? Answer: No. This is an add on system

  • What kind of sensor do you use? Answer: PIR (Infrared sensor)

  • Can you customize my temperature / lighting profile: Answer: Yes. Our Engineering Team will work with your operations team to optimize what is best for you and your customers

The chart shows the activity (motion) of each zone. If motion is detected, a pulse is created on the chart (indicated as "ON"). Power to the area remains unchanged until motion is no longer detected and safety timer has elapsed..



  Dot Indicators on Floor Plan (Red - Activity, Black - No Activity)

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